HIV / Aids

The 2 most active New York City Council members providing free personal HIV / Aids assistance to New Yorkers like you.

Need HIV / Aids assistance? Call a New York City Council Member for free personal help.

Deborah Rose
New York City Council
NYC Council 49th District
Councilperson 718-556-7370 Deborah Rose Deborah Rose @CMDebiRose on Twitter
#1 Deborah Rose
49th District - Staten Island

HIV / Aids
1 case in the past year

Top Active Services
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Phone: 718-556-7370

Ritchie Torres
New York City Council
NYC Council 15th District
Councilperson 718-842-8100 Ritchie Torres @CMRitchieTorres on Twitter
#1 Ritchie Torres
15th District - Bronx

HIV / Aids Service Activity

These charts show the cumulative number of HIV / Aids cases for each NYC Council District and the total weekly amount of HIV / Aids casework for all New York City Council members over the last year.

Year Cumulative Casework

Total Weekly Activity